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Absolute Face & Body - MedSpa
Full Body Massage
Indulge yourself to any of these Relaxing and Medical Massage treatments.
License # MM26278
       Relaxing Massages
  • Upper Body / 30 min
  • Swedish Full Body / 60 min
  • Ultimate Swedish / 90 min
  • Deep Tissue Full Body / 60 min
  • Ultimate Deep Tissue / 90 min
  • Hot Stone / 60 min
  • Prenatal Full Body / 60 min
  • Aromatherapy to any massage      
       Medical Massages

          Medical massage is a more in-depth massage and is good for people with                    chronic pain and other problems like arthritis, severe muscle tension   limited                mobility, and pregnancy.
         This type of massage is not a one day massage it will take a couple massages
          to get your body feeling better and have a lot less pain. Here at Absolute face              and body our therapist will set a specific medical massage for each client to                  help improve there pain and well-being.
  • Sports massage - Designed to relieve muscle tension, sprains, and other sport injuries.

  • Myofascial release massage - Designed to produces a profound healing effect on the body tissues, helping to eliminate pain and restore motion.
  • Prenatal massage - Designed for the expectant mother’s help provide relief from swelling, back pain, cramping, and stretch marks. Massage is provided after first trimester.
  • Craniosacral massage - Designed for those with headaches, migraines, TMJ, and common joint dysfunction.
  • Acupressure massage - Designed to decreases pain, muscle spasm, inflammation and help with body healing.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage - Designed to help with swelling form surgery, sprains, and other injures that may cause swelling. This type of massage is good for flushing toxins out of the body to improve your body’s health.it stimulates the elimination of toxins and fights water retention. This massage will help re-balance fluids in your body. Lymphatic drainage favors cell renewal & cutaneous tissue.regenerates epidermis for a firmer,younger, and healthier looking skin. Improves the over all well being of the individual. It also has anti-aging effects because it decongestant swelling areas, and promotes relaxation.
           Medical massages also have benefits for people with cancer, HIV, and other                 medical conditions.
           Come see one of our therapist, and see how they can help you feel renewed               and well.
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